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Practical Marketing Group

  • Here are samples of the marketing & branding we've done for our clients:

    Awareness Advertising

    Capturing the eye is a key to driving awareness.  This print campaign, in conjunction with email content marketing, social media campaigns, and direct mail, generated outstanding attendance with 30% new attendees - as well as lots of compliments! 

    Corporate Advertising

    Developing an awareness campaign when you have many divisions and many messages to communicate can be difficult - the key is getting to the point in a meaningful manner! 

    Media Planning & Placement

    We provide advertising planning, budgets, and placement for one of Canada’s largest supply chain companies.  We can do the same for you. 

    Event Marketing

    Relating to your audience while positioning your value is key in advertising.  This campaign reached corporate event planners - great hero shot! - and illustrated the show value in a few sentences.   

    Multi-Channel Advertising

    A clean and effective creative goes a long way.  This campaign was an extensive first year awareness campaign which included print advertising, email marketing, digital, organic and paid social, and direct mail.  It was truly successful by bringing over 10,000 people at the inaugural show. 

    Marketing Automation

    Content is key to any multi-platform marketing campaign, but especially with marketing automation.  These examples around road safety provided valuable content for customers and prospects reinforcing the brand message while achieving results on social media. 

    Demand Campaigns

    When you are advertising to a very busy niche BtoB market, you need to get to the value fast! This campaign was a great example of focusing on the value with the right hero image to capture the attention of a very busy target audience. 

    Advertising & Branding

    Communicating your value when the industry sees you as a commodity can be challenging.  An effective awareness campaign can easily spread the word - and keeping in mind your audience language is very is important. 

    Social Media Strategy

    Social media strategy is about leveraging who you know, acquiring those you don't, while executing your thought-out plan and communication value intentionally.  We gave a presentation at the 2018 CAEM annual conference detailing best practices to reach your audience, AND got rave reviews. 

    Segment Campaigns

    Understanding your demographics and personas within your target audience is important.  We customize the message for each segment of your target audience. 

    Aquisition Communications

    We have extensive experience with acquisition communications, including announcements and ongoing employee and customer retention initiatives. 

    Corporate Branding

    Corporate branding can mean the redesign of your entire brand, or simply a refresh of your proposals and presentations - ensuring your brand is being represented consistently across all channels. 

    Digital Inbound Marketing

    Whether Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or the like, finding new eyeballs is the name of the game.  We've managed tons of very successful campaigns for all types of clients to achieve their objectives. 

    SEO & Website Content

    Practical Marketing Group works with expert IT partners to ensure your website has the right content to be searched, the right structure, and that the technical aspects are in place to achieve visibility.

    Marketing Strategy & Planning

    From overall strategy to development of specific marketing, communications and branding tactics to reach your objectives,  we've done it successfully for many clients.  Ask how we can customize the right effective solution for you.  

    Email Campaigns

    Developing the right value content for ongoing communications and PR is imperative,  here is a sample of what we developed with the client, and their content connections. 

    Sales Tools & Brochures

    It is important to update your brochures periodically, not only to refresh your brand, but to ensure your message and product positioning is the right one. 

    Community Support

    Trucks for Change is a wonderful organization that brings together charities and trucking companies for the good of the community.  Practical Marketing Group supports this organization whenever possible with newsletters and the like.